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Kamuthi Housing Co-operative Society.

Investing through purchase of land has been the prime choice in the business arena. Kamuthi Housing Cooperative Society is an organization that helps and facilitates such investments for its members.This Co-operative was originally called Kahawa Farmers Co-operative Society. 


It was registered in 1964 with the aim of purchasing land from a colonial settler. The land was located off Kamiti Road between Githurai 44 and present day Kahawa West Estate. Indeed this estate was part of the land being purchased which was 415acres being LR. NO. 71/7. The original membership numbering 152 of this co-operative was drawn from the indegeneous Kenyans working for the colonial farmer who was dealing in Coffee and Dairy Farming. In 1989 the co-operative completed the purchase of a further 738 acres in Kiambu District across Kamiti Road.


This occasioned the split of Kahawa Farmers Co-operative Society in two being ourselves and Kiamumbi Co-operative Society Ltd. This was for administrative purposes as the activities of Kiamumbi Co-oerative Society Ltd were located in Kiambu District while those of Kamuthi Housing Co-operative Society were based in Nairobi Province/District.

 Our Motto

 “….Green Development for Wealth Creation”









Our Motto

 “….Green Development for Wealth Creation”

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of our shareholders by tapping the settlement,housing,and environmental needs of Nairobi and its environs through investing our funds and other assets prudently and efficiently

 Our Vision

“…to be the leading co-operative in the development of real estate for housing and commercial purposes in Kenya in an environmentally sustainable manner within 5 years

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